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   Old West Forge
School of Blacksmithing

White Salmon, WA
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Old West Forge is located 70 miles east of Portland in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge
region near the base of Mt. Adams.  In our rural Klickitat County setting, students may    
absorb the beauty of these natural surroundings as they pursue this old world craft. 

                   About the School                              

Setting - Old West Forge is located on Tim and Holly Middaugh’s farm in rural Klickitat County north of White Salmon, Washington near the base of Mt. Adams.  Here the students may absorb the beauty of these natural surroundings as they pursue this old world craft. 

Facilities - At Old West Forge we take pride in offering each student their own forging station complete with anvil, slack tub, well anchored post vise, side table and all the necessary hand tools to complete their projects.  Most of the tools were hand forged by Tim specifically for his students.  We provide all the necessary equipment.  We also encourage students to bring their own anvils, hammers, and tools if they believe that this would be helpful. 

Philosophy -  Instruction takes place in a pleasant and nurturing environment.  Students are encouraged to support and encourage each other as they work independently and in pairs depending on the requirements of the project at hand. 

Methods - Each class contains some lecture and discussion and is primarily a series of demonstrations at the instructor’s anvil.  Each demonstration is immediately followed by “hands on” work at the student’s forging station.  The small class size allows a great deal of one on one instruction. 

Students           Have come from all walks of life including the following professions: 

Wood worker                                                  Welder
Attorney                                                           Computer engineer
Potter                                                                Television producer 
Rancher                                                            Carpenter
Medical office manager                                  Executive
Retiree                                                              Small business owner
College student                                                Plumber
Wood shop teacher                                          Photographer
Metal shop teacher                                          Biologist
Ornamental iron fabricator                          Archeologist
Industrial design engineer                           Tool maker
Stay-at-home mom                                          

They all have the common desire to learn an old world craft and to see objects of simple elegance emerge out of hot iron. 

Objectives - The objectives are to teach the basic fundamentals of blacksmithing through tool making and a series of forged projects.  Our core curriculum includes five 3 day classes.  This course sequence will provide the motivated student with the knowledge and skill to set up their own home blacksmith shop. 

Duration - Most classes are 3 days in length from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.   Note: A blacksmithing class makes a nice gift for a loved one especially if you would like to get him out of the house  for 3 days!! 

       Classes at Old West Forge           

 Beginning Blacksmithing I - Discover the ancient and honorable art of Blacksmithing.  This three-day class is designed for beginners who would like to experience an old world craft.  Study heat treating, punching, drifting, tapering, drawing out and more.  Students will forge objects to take home and keep.  Get started right in a real blacksmith shop. 

Beginning Blacksmithing II - This three-day class will build on techniques learned in Beginning I.  We will dig deeper into this old world craft through the study and forging of mortis and tenon joints, collars, scrolls and project lay out.  An introduction to making blacksmith’s tongs will also be emphasized.  Successful completion of Beginning I is required in order to take Beginning II. 

Intermediate Blacksmithing I - This three-day class builds on techniques learned in Beginning I & II.  We will study and forge mortise and tenon joints used to make such objects as freestanding lamps and fireplace sets.  We will also study more complex tong making.  Required prerequisites beginning Blacksmithing I & II. 

Intermediate Blacksmithing II - This three-day class builds on techniques learned in prior classes.  We will forge our own top tools for making mortise and tenon joints.  Slitting and drifting and additional job specific tong making will be studied.  Prerequisite:  Intermediate I. 

Intermediate Blacksmithing III - This three day class focuses on the building of garden gate components.  It builds on techniques learned in prior classes as well as additional tong making.  Prerequisite:  Intermediate II. 

Wizards, Cowboys and Dragon Heads - This class is an introduction to forging heads out of steel.  We will forge several specialized chisels needed to make various figures and use steel as a sculpting medium.   

Tuition for the above listed classes is $415 per class.  This includes all materials, tools, and use of complete forging stations.

For specific dates of current class offerings email us at Tim@OldWestForge.com or call (509)-493-4418